ITMCO Brand is the Symbol of Export-Led Growth
January 29, 2018
ITMCO Penetrated the Western European Market

ITMCO Penetrated the Western European Market

January 27, 2018

Tabriz, IRAN – The outlook for the global agricultural machinery market is bright in the coming years, ITMCO Managing Director A. Ebrahimi said, indicating 2018 will be another successful year for the Western Asia largest tractor producer after penetrating the Western European market.

Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company (ITMCO) is the leading manufacturer of tractor and heavy machines established in Tabriz, Iran on 1968. Enlisted in the 100 fortune companies of Iran and publicly traded, ITMCO produces engines under license Perkins of United Kingdom and manufactures tractors under a Massey-Ferguson license. However, tractors carry ITMCO brand as more than 90% of parts are produced inside Iran. Since early 2013, ITMCO formulated an agile export strategy and appointed professional agents in the Middle East and Europe in order to target emerging markets in Africa and enter into European market. After 5 years of hard work, ITMCO symbolized its vision to compete at global level and exported nearly 100 different tractors to the Western Europe countries including Holland, France and Belgium for the first time in economic history of Iran.

Today ITMCO tractors are successfully utilized in European farms and the reports and feedback received from the farmers are satisfactory which proves superiority of our tractors in the most advanced markets indicated A. Andabili, the Marketing and Export Manager of ITMCO.

“This remarkable achievement is the result of 5 years of hard work, patience, market study as well as synergized team work between different parties to promote ITMCO tractors in Holland which is the most strategic location for selling and buying agricultural machinery in the world”, says a leading exporter of tractors in Europe.

Today, ITMCO has successfully established a hub in Holland to export its products to all European countries and also emerging markets in Africa and South America. The quality, durability and technology of Iranian tractors are now being perceived and appreciated by the farmers throughout the world and create new markets for them.

“This was a mission impossible for all parties involved but we realized our dream, though it may sound bizarre. Many people are surprised to hear Iranian tractors are being sold in Holland, since it is the most advanced market for these kind of products.” argues an expert in global market. He indicates “We are very excited and proud to share this success story with other manufacturers in Iran because it is as if we were exporting the local assembled cars in Iran like Samand and Pride to Germany and South Korea who are the producers of the most advanced cars such as Benz, BMW and Hyundai”

He further added “This is a milestone in export history of Iran and considered to be a hallmark move in ITMCO which reflects the knowledge, expertise and efforts of ITMCO whole team. We are so proud that Technology of producing tractors in Iran is substantially improved to the level that can compete in the most advanced markets. “