ITMCO Penetrated the Western European Market
January 29, 2018

ITMCO Brand is the Symbol of Export-Led Growth

Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company has formulated an export-led growth strategy to find a niche in the global market and started to compete with renown brands. We are continuing the ambitious strategic plan which will guide our efforts in coming years, ITMCO Managing Director A. Ebrahimi says, highlighting that the group keeps eyes on the horizon to drive export led growth in Europe and Africa for the realization of the motto of the year namely, “Support for Iranian Products”.

The icon of Iranian farming finds its way in the heart of Europe argues A. Andabili ITMCO Marketing and Export Manager, indicating that Iran Tractor Manufacturing has become the flagship of country industrial export by selling tractors to the most advanced markets in the Europe including Holland, France and Belgium. Our growth strategy is aimed at opening up novel markets, gaining new customers and competing more effectively on a global basis, he further adds..

Leen is the first farmer from Holland who has recently purchased ITMC 399 4WD to use in his farm at HoekscheWaard, Holland. He is one of the leading producers of maize, potato and grass seedwithin the region and a senior member of farmer association. Leen, in an interview, argues that ITMC 399 is powerful tractor with strong engine and smooth gearbox which everybody can operate it effectively in the farm. He also indicates that this tractor is simple to use, easy to fix, efficient to maintain which ultimately makes it good quality and value for money.